Welcome to Ekart, Powering your game

Golf Karts (NZ) Ltd a General Plating Company Ltd Group member is the dedicated name behind some of NZ'S iconic golf brands found on this site.

With the Kean Kart range (since 1966) and the E-Kart, Ranger battery powered models (since 1999). Continuing on from that golfing history is the recent introduction of new advances in powered buggy technology with the Endurino model.

Further technical advances in Energy supply has seen Golf Karts (NZ) Ltd introduce the all new LiFePO4 Lithium battery range suitable for any age E-Kart or Ranger model and can be accommodated in any other battery powered brands making it a must have energy source.

As well as the new introductions above the site makes available for your convenience all parts, components and accessories for the hand propelled Kean Kart and the E-Kart and Ranger battery powered models.

Golf Karts (NZ) Ltd is also remains the sole NZ distributor for the highly successful German made "Sonnenschein" brand Gel Batteries, dedicated for golf trolley application.

With our product range being ubiquitous in NZ and Australia and found in many parts of Europe, we hope this site will be convenient to all our customers in assisting their needs or information for your further golfing enjoyment .

Ekart is Proudly 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. New Zealand Owned