Golf Karts (NZ) Ltd has been appointed the sole "on line" - "off line" service, parts, and components supply centre by General Plating Co Ltd, the original designer, founder and manufacturer of the Kean Kart (since 1966) and the E-Kart, Ranger battery powered golf buggies.

For your convenience we have established this site, where all parts,components and accessories can be made available for the hand propelled Kean Kart golf trolley range and the battery powered E-Kart, Ranger golf trundlers.

Golf Karts (NZ) Ltd is also the NZ distributor for the highly successful German made "Sonnenschein" brand of dedicated Gel batteries for golf buggy application.

With our product range being ubiquitous in New Zealand and Australia and many parts of Europe and North America we hope this site will be convenient to all our users in assisting their needs or information for your further enjoyment of golf.