Powered Golf Karts

Endurino, Reliable, Durable & Compact qualities not always associated with imported motorised golf units today.

Endurino by Ekart, a collaboration with our long established, dedicated offshore golf engineering partner, bringing to New Zealand's golf market a reliable, durable & compact motorised buggy that accommodates our varied golfing terrains, incorporating product essentials for a successful user experience.

Our expertise over three decades in the NZ golf market as a manufacturer- distributor has been incorporated into the Endurino's development, with the latest Lithium LifePO4 battery & Charger technology or Gel battery option, providing models to suit your current and future game . Our legacy models Ekart & Ranger have been the guiding examples of how to produce quality product with durable highly engineered components, meeting ISO 9001 quality build standards and complimenting that with the latest lithium energy & charger technology.

With each unit hand made not production line manufactured in a purpose built facility, with quality control through out the entire build process, we believe we have continued those values found in each new Endurino.